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With this flexible NAS storage solution, you can attach further high speed and triple-redundant storage to any F2H service.

Network-attached storage is normally used in a Cloud environment but it can also be used to add emergency storage or additional storage to any VPS Instance or Dedicated Server. Just mount the storage and use it. Network-attached storage is a high availability service that provides 99.9999% uptime and is triple redundant. Should the storage fail, the network will automatically switch to its redundant storage. We also snapshot your storage every hour and store a copy of all data off-site.

network attached storage
nas storage


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Network-Attached Storage advantages

100GB to 36TB SAS Storage

With prices from £4.99 per month for 3GB of SAS SSD network-attached storage all the way up to 36TB you can future proof your network design without any annoying server upgrades.

Automatic Failover

With automatic failover, when an outage is detected your storage is automatically switched to its redundant server preventing downtime.

Upgrade / Downgrade

If you need more NAS storage you can upgrade instantly without the need for any downtime or outages. You can also downgrade your storage to a smaller size if you need to.


By using serial attached SCSI (SAS) storage and RAID 10 which allows data to be written to multiple drives simultaneously we can guarantee your data is safe and secure.
High Availability Storage. From 50GB to 36TB

Network-Attached Storage

Network-Attached storage is triple redundant with a 99.99% guaranteed uptime. We store two copies of your data in our data centre and another in an offsite location. You can attach network-attached storage to any Dedicated or VPS server behind any F2H IP. You cannot attach storage to services with other providers.

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    Network Storage FAQ

    Mounting your storage inside your F2H instance is simple and full instructions are provided on the blog. Our support team can also perform this task for you if required. Just get in touch.

    Network-attached storage is flexible. You can grow or reduce the storage at any time from your client area. Just navigate to the network storage service and in the menu bar on the left, click reconfigure.

    Yes. Submit a ticket and we will complete this under our standard support policy.

    Basically, it means your storage will be available all of the time. We keep three identical copies of your data using RAID10. If one fails a spare server picks up the slack whilst we repair the problamatic server. We keep two copies of your data on-site and another in a different location.