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free automated backups & Restores

Secure your data in an NVMe VPS with a choice of 5 locations with free scheduled backups included on all plans. aND YOUR BUSINESS

We create bespoke solutions for businesses like Private Cloud networks, business VPN solutions, website design, Windows desktops, cPanel servers,NVMe Web HostingNVMe VPS Servers

Instead of using services like Azure and AWS which are expensive. We can create a Private VPS Cluster in your choice of locations for as little as £799 /month. If you were to host 20 VPS servers on Azure, this would cost around £1,212.23. If you have your own IT department, we can provide training on how to utilize your cloud or cluster. If not, we can act as your IT department and perform all tasks remotely.

If your website is slow, you need nvme web hostng

By using NVMe Web Hosting to power your website, shop or application you can guarantee the maximum possible loading and processing speeds.

Based on a shared model, NVMe Web Hosting is ideal for startups who need to keep costs low whilst providing access to advanced systems like website caching, daily backups and automatic software installs. With high availability DNS servers in strategic locations around the world, you can access our network using a DNS server that is closest to you.

NVME Web Hosting

Services for Your business

Managed Business Server

With a managed server, you can offload the server management an IT department would do to F2H. Your business website resides on your private server and we ensure it's online and working for you. F2H take care of updates, backups, security and fix any issues that arise with your server whilst you and your team concentrate on sales.

Private Cloud Network

Moving from a standalone server to the Cloud is complex and often expensive. A private cloud has great benefits like high availability but usually, only large businesses can afford the fees to create this. It doesn't have to be like this. We can create a cloud with as few as three servers which is much more cost effective than using Azure or AWS.

Business VPN Network

With a Business VPN network, your employees use a VPN to connect to a private network. The private network hides your employees IP addresses but also controls who can access your network. Lockdown sensitive areas of your business like order applications that hold customer data and only allow access to people connected to your private network.

Hosted Client Management

With our client management plans, we set up an order processing system like WHMCS that allows you to automatically take payments from customers for orders as a one-off or subscription service. Take payments by PayPal, Credit & Debit card, Direct Debit or even Cryptocurrency and deliver support from within the order system.

NVMe VPS Servers

Linux NVMe VPS Servers

Powered by our custom-built hypervisor you can host powerful NVMe VPS Servers in 5 locations around the world. Businesses use our platform to host applications, power databases and host websites. With included free backups for everyone, internal networking, snapshots and the latest Operating Systems.

Windows NVMe VPS Server

As well as Linux, you can create Windows Server NVMe VPS instances in locations like the Pacific Northwest, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Canada. Windows Server plans include a 2019 Standard Edition license.

High Availability NVMe VPS Servers

With F2H High Availability, your server can failover to different regions to protect against equipment failure, network outages and natural disasters. Failover takes less than 12 seconds giving the service a 99.99996% uptime SLA.

Windows NVMe Desktops

Assign staff a virtual Windows Desktop to allow them to work from anywhere in the world. Staff that have flexible working perform better and you can avoid office costs. Desktops can be secured to a private network that you can control who has access to.

Business EMAIL Solutions

Guaranteed Inbox Delivery

If your email is mission-critical, we can help ensure every single customer receives every email you send. When you offload your email delivery to F2H we guarantee your emails will land in in-boxes and not spam-boxes.


Our experts can modify most systems to route email via our SMTP servers. Instead of modifying software, we can usually catch your emails as they are sent and route them through our servers in minutes.

Billing & Support

With clear billing, you can send 40,000 emails for under £50 per month. You can send up to 1 million emails from our SMTP servers with easy, instant upgrades to larger email plans.