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High Availability VPS Servers

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High Availability VPS Servers are the enterprise solution that keeps your VPS server online, even in the event of an equipment or network outage. With F2H automatic failover, should a problem occur, your instance is moved to a different part of the network in under 12 seconds.

High Availability VPS Servers

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High Availability cPanel VPS Servers

Free Setup on all managed High Availability cPanel VPS Server plans. We manage the server. You manage the websites.

Our High Availability cPanel VPS Servers keep your customers online in the event of a network or equipment failure. Should part of the network be knocked offline, your cPanel server will boot from another part of the network. Automatic failover takes around 12 seconds meaning, customers shouldn't even know an issue has happened.

High Availability cPanel VPS Servers

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Highly Available web hosting ensures your website is online and working for you. Built on rock-solid security from CloudLinux and powered by cPanel, the world's leading control panel for hosting.

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NVMe Web Hosting

Global High Availability DNS Network! Use your NVMe Web Hosting account right away.

50% OFF Windows servers

Managing Windows Servers with our Discovery control panel is a breeze. Spin up an instance and configure it directly from your control panel. Save 50% off yearly plans and 20% off monthly plans.

With optional backups and snapshots, your critical data is secure. And, with internal networking, you can communicate with other instances in the same region over a private, secure connection. The enterprise choice.

Windows NVMe VPS Servers

Free automated Windows VPS Backups For Six Months!Check your welcome email for details!