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Services like Azure and AWS are great for business but, they are also costly. If you have multiple virtual servers the cost soon spirals to thousands of pounds. Now, you can run your own Cloud service and we will manage it.

Some large companies will have an IT department that has the skills and technical expertise to create an in-house Cloud service. Or, they may have the resources to employ the required help to create a cloud solution. Other businesses are not so fortunate. It's expensive to hire staff with the required technical expertise to create and manage a cloud and if they leave the business your in trouble.


Internal servers, firewalls and switches, network storage, country. It all needs to be considered and we complete this for you.

The design of a Cloud network is probably one of the most important things to consider. You may need services like internal networking to host internal servers with databases on them or, you may need a central backup server to secure data in. We dig deep into your requirements and produce a graphic of what your Cloud network would look like taking into account your future requirements.

A private cloud is fully managed
with great benefits and cost savings

Fully Setup

We configure your private cloud and depending on how big and complex the work is will depend on the delivery time. Once your cloud is online we show you how to create your own virtual servers whilst you leave everything else to us.

Multiple Locations

Your private cloud can be created in a number of locations including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Finland and the United States. In most cases, it's best to choose the location that is closest to you and your customers.

Windows & Linux

We can create OS templates for all the major Linux Operating systems like CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian. For Windows systems, you can use the Windows .ISO files to create virtual servers. License fees may apply for Windows products.

Updates & Security

Your cloud network is secured by multiple layers of security including spam and anti-hack protection for all virtual servers on your cloud. Each virtual server will also have access to a network firewall. We keep your cloud updated in the background.

Scale up or down at any time

Extend Your Cloud

You can extend your cloud to other countries to improve redundancy. Should the whole data centre go offline your virtual machines would then be booted from a different country. For latency, this should be a temporary solution

Update Hardware

When your cloud needs to be updated or if a piece of hardware ever needs to be replaced it's easy to complete this without affecting the virtual machines running on your cloud. We complete all updates for you in the background.

IPv4 & IPv6 Subnets

F2H clouds are configured to use IPv4 and IPv6 by default. In most cases, the network we create will issue IPv4 addresses by DHCP server but an IPv6 address needs to be assigned unless you plan to use software like WHMCS which we can also configure.

Backup and Restore

All F2H cloud networks include a backup server. The virtual servers you create on your cloud will backup each day to your backup server. Backups can be restored instantly in 1 click and training is provided on how to complete this. You can also take Snapshots.

PRIvate cloud design and quote

Because every Cloud solution is different, get in touch and we can create personal quote based on your needs. We can even visit you at your work to discuss your Cloud.

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