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If your employees connect to customer services or if you run an online application like a shop, you need a VPN to protect you.

If your employees connect to customer services then you must hide their IPs. Similarly, if you use a Windows Desktop, you also need to hide that IP. If your IP is exposed to the wrong person, you could become the target of a hack that would leak important information. To protect against this you should use a VPN. When you introduce a VPN to your network you encrypt the connection between yourself and the VPN and hide your IP address.


Shops, order systems and other high-value targets are always at risk of compromise. These systems typically hold customer information that is valuable to hackers.

By using a VPN you can firewall off access to important services like billing and order processing sites. That means you must be connected to your Business VPN before you can access these areas. Only people you issue a certificate to can access the VPN meaning you are in total control of your employees and who has access to what systems.

vpn's for business

Fully Managed

F2H will deliver your VPN server ready configured which includes all of the required networking and security certificates. We take care of all updates ensuring your VPN is patched with the latest OS updates and security fixes.

Unlimited Employees

The only limit to the number of employees you can have using your VPN is the VPN servers resources. You can upgrade the resources of your VPN as you configure more users to use it.

24/7 Online Support

Our support team can help you with any errors or problems you might have when using your business VPN. We can also help with setting up new devices to use your VPN. Emergency support can be accessed 24x7.

Multiple Devices

A VPN can be configured for use on multiple devices. Each device you use the VPN on will require its own certificate. By using popular applications like OpenVPN you can deploy your VPN to any device.

Your VPN, our advantages

Multiple Locations

With multiple locations for VPN servers including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada and the USA your VPN can be configured in a convenient location. For redundancy, why not order two in separate locations?

High Availability

Because your VPN needs to be protecting your 24x7 we can guarantee an uptime of at least 99%. Should your VPN server be knocked offline we can quickly spawn a new one with all of the required settings and certificates already in place.

Add/Remove Access

You can ask us to add and remove certificates from your VPN or, we can teach you how to do this yourself easily. With an automated script that performs all of the required work all you need to do is supply a name for the certificate.

Backup Security

Your VPN will hold security certificates that are paired to the certificates your devices use. For this reason you cannot use more than one certificate on each device. To enable faster restores in the event of an outage we snapshot your VPN.
Business VPN Server

Buisness Security VPN

You can choose how many certificates are delivered with your Business VPN on the next page. Each person who connects to the network will need a certificate for each device they will use. The only limit to the number of certificates you can issue is the speed of the VPN connection. Connections can be upgraded at a later date. You can choose multiple locations for your VPN.

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