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Access your Business desktop from anywhere in the world

Giving your employees the freedom to work from anywhere doesn't just improve productivity, it can save your business money because you don't need a physical office.

So long as your employee has a PC, Laptop or Tablet, they can connect to their desktop from anywhere. The business provides the desktop to the employee with a security certificate. The employee connects to the network using the certificate and access is allowed. Should your employee leave the business, you can revoke the certificate and secure the desktop. With Cloud printing, the employee can print documents to their printer or a central office.

Windows NVMe Desktop


Your employees don't need to be waiting for tasks to complete or for applications to load. With NVMe storage, things happen instantly.

If you have ever used a SATA hard drive in a Windows PC, you will know sometimes things take an age to load. When we combine Windows 10 with our PCIe NVMe storage and our datacentre class internet connections you get a desktop that responds right away by processing tasks instantly.

Windows Remote Desktop

Why You should be using a hosted desktop

Windows 10 or 11?

Once online your Windows 10 desktop will download the latest updates from Microsoft. It's best to install all updates before you use your desktop. There will also be a migration path to Windows 11 shortly.

Clone & Backup Instances

The support team can duplicate a desktop for another staff member. Desktops are backed up each night to our offsite backup network and you can restore a desktop at any time from your Discovery control panel.

Latest Hardware

We use the latest hardware and every four years we update that hardware. Using new hardware increases the uptime of our network. Currently, we are using Intel E and AMD EPYC CPUs on the network.

Access From Anywhere

Accessing Desktops is easy. You can use free applications for Tables on Android and iOS. You can also get these applications for mobile devices and on Windows PCs, you can use Remote Desktop.

Great for business

We Keep You Online

If your employees are using hosted desktops then they need to be accessible all of the time. We ensure the hardware and network provides access on-demand. You can switch off and boot your desktops from your control panel.

Security Fixes

Windows will update automatically in the background during off-hours. We also apply security fixes to the virtualization. We patch known issues like Spectre and Meltdown but also zero-day issues as soon as updates are released.

Hack & DDoS Protection

Hack protection monitors the outgoing connections on your server for any unusual activity. If your instance starts acting strange, we will let you know. DDoS protection keeps you online in the event of an attack.

Optional Business VPN

Keeping your employees and your documents safe online is a priority. We can help with a private business VPN network that is used on your desktops to hide your desktop IPs from customers. A VPN is vital to protect your desktop.
Windows Desktop Server

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Windows Desktop pricing

Windows Desktop 1


  • 1 CPU / 1 vCore
  • 4 GB DDR-4 EEC
  • 1x 50GB NVMe
  • 100 MBPS Connection
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • /32 IPv4
  • 5 Locations

Windows Desktop 2


  • 1 CPU / 2 vCores
  • 8 GB DDR-4 EEC
  • 1x 150GB NVMe
  • 250 MBPS Connection
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • /32 IPv4
  • 5 Locations

Windows Desktop 3


  • 2 CPUs / 4 vCores
  • 12 GB DDR-4 EEC
  • 1x 250GB NVMe
  • 500 MBPS Connection
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • /32 IPv4
  • 5 Locations

Windows Desktop 4


  • 2 CPUs / 8 vCores
  • 24 GB DDR-4 EEC
  • 2x 500GB NVMe
  • 1 GBPS Connection
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • /32 IPv4
  • 5 Locations

Windows Desktop FAQ

Connecting to an F2H Windows Desktop is easy. If you already have a Windows PC or tablet you can use the in-built Remote Desktop program. Just enter your desktop IP to connect. If you have an Apple or Android device you can use any one of a number of programs to connect to your desktop. Just search your app store for windows remote desktop.

Due to Windows Licensing and our SPLA agreement we cannot allow customers to install Desktops manually. Your desktop will arrive fully set up and configured. All you need to do is change your password.

Yes, the Discovery platform allows us to switch IPs on instances easily. Whilst we don't usually provide a choice of IP address we can provide you with a choice of 14 IP locations like the UK, France, Ireland and Poland to name a few.

Of course. Many customers keep a base desktop that contains all of the required applications and files your employees will use. We can then use this base install to clone and create new desktops for you. Discounts can be applied after you have an active desktop.